The Chesapeake Bay is a home in need of help.

17 million people live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and more than 3,600 species of plants and animals reside in the largest estuary in the United States.
It is a valuable resource, one that cannot be lost. The Chesapeake Bay provides food, drinking water, jobs, and supports the functionality of our ecosystem. It provides economic stability and recreational opportunities. The health and water quality of the Bay is impacted by the actions of people just like you. People must be conscious of careless behavior can harm the Chesapeake Bay.
The state of the bay is in the hands of local communities.



There are easy ways to help the Chesapeake Bay. You can make a difference from your home, your backyard, and around your community.
Learning about how you can make a difference can be fun for the whole family. When you are not taking care of the environment, you are not supporting a future full of natural resources. Children and young adults are the future.
Education is the key to restoration.