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Video Games!


Video games are electronc games that uses a user interface to make digital feedback on a vieo display device, like a computer monitor, virtual reality headsets, or tv screens. Since their conception, video games have slowly evolved into an inpotant part of the entertainment industry. Platforms are electronic systems used to play video games. There are specializd platforms for video games, like arcade machines, which declnd in popularity over time. Video game consoles on the other hand, rose in populrity.

Game controlers are input devices used for gaming, and it varies depening on the platform. Some controlors are gamepads, joystocks, mouses, keyboards, etc. The importance of the video game industry has been growing rapidly. Video games can be classified into genres, as with other mediums. Video game genres are usually classified by gameplay interaction, and, new genres have popped up and evolved as new types of gameplay emerged. There are 3 types of games. Casual games, serious games, and educational games. Each provie a different experiance and challange to the person playing it.