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Hello! My name is Augustina Ugbaja! I am a third year digital art and design student here at Towson University! I have always liked art and drawing, ever since I was little. I like, made my first OC when I was 4, he was a puppy named Larry. Who I later turned into a red headed dude, who for some reason likes to wear a pot on his head. I didn’t get serious about drawing until like, the sixth grade, when I like, got super into anime because of the Funimation channel on the TV, but, I always seemed to like the style. I also have a webcomic I have been drawing weekly since Sophomore year high school! I’d say what the name is, buutt I think it is embarrassing. I am studying Digital art because I just love drawing on the computer! I would like to go into like, any career involving it as a result, lol. Not really that picky. I am taking this class cause of several reasons. The main and driving factor being that it is required for the track I am taking in the DAD program. But, I like, kinda have to learn how to design websites because my parents. >w>;;; Long story. I honestly just want to learn everything to website design! Or, at least as much as I need to start ^^;

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