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Making it as an Actor in the Professional World of Theatre

Making it as a professional actor in the world of theatre is extremely difficult everywhere, including the Baltimore and D.C. area. In this business, it often comes down to who wants it more. Auditioning is likely the most important part of the business, and it is considered an actor's job interview. All the acting training in the world will not make a difference if an actor ruins their audition, or appears unprepared or unprofessional. Learn everything an actor needs to know about auditioning.

A lovely singing voice is a wonderful tool to have as an actor, especially if your main interest is auditioning for musicals. However, if an actor has no character, then it does not matter how good their singing voice is, even if they are a widely known international opera singer. Building a character, or characterization, is an actor's number one job. Actors must be able to portray a character in a believable way, or the play will not come across properly. Introduce yourself to characterization, and learn the ways in which to build a character.