Baltimore Number Theory Seminar

In 2015, Baltimore's mathematical community added several number theorists to its ranks. Having reached a critical mass, we decided to organize a local number theory seminar. Thus, the Baltimore Number Theory Seminar was born—it held its first meeting on October 9th, 2015.

The current core group consists of Mike Knapp (Loyola), Angel Kumchev (Towson), Nathan McNew (Towson), and Leonid Stern (Towson); other colleagues have also expressed interest in joining us in the future. Presently, we aim for a mixture of research and expository talks and hold our meetings on Fridays, at 3:30 pm, in TU's mathematics building: 7800 York Road, Room 121, Towson, MD 21252. If you are interested in giving a talk or joining us as a permanent member, feel free to contact Mike, Angel or Nathan.

Below is the list of talks from the recent past and near future. Research talks are credited to the speaker, expository talks—to the entire seminar (BNTS).


Dec. 2 The Hasse principle for systems of repeated and differing degrees (Scott Parsell, West Chester)
Dec. 7 Lying on the Fermat primality test (Jared Lichtman, Dartmouth)
Mar. 3 Primitive almost-almost-syndetic sequences (Nathan McNew, Towson)
Mar. 10 Sums of powers of almost equal primes (Angel Kumchev, Towson)


Oct. 16 Homogeneous additive equations over p-adic fields (Mike Knapp, Loyola)
Oct. 23 Small gaps between primes: A look at the work of Maynard and Tao (BNTS)
Nov. 6 Small gaps between primes: A look at the work of Maynard and Tao, II (BNTS)
Nov. 13 Popular primes (Nathan McNew, Towson)
Nov. 20 Small gaps between primes: A look at the work of Maynard and Tao, III (BNTS)
Feb. 5 Sums of Ramanujan sums (Angel Kumchev, Towson)
Mar. 4 Van der Waerden's theorem, I (BNTS)
Mar. 11 Van der Waerden's theorem, II (BNTS)
Mar. 18 Van der Waerden's theorem, III (BNTS)
Mar. 25 Van der Waerden's theorem, IV (BNTS)
Apr. 1 Van der Waerden's theorem, V (BNTS)
Apr. 15 Unitary Perfect Numbers (Mike Knapp, Loyola)
Apr. 22 Irving's work on almost-prime values of polynomials (Angel Kumchev, Towson)