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At Towson University, students have several ways to satisfy their wanderlust. International students—could be someone we sit next to in class, or live down the hall from—are from somewhere else and have incredible stories and experiences.

TU's Study Abroad Office offers several options to study abroad whether it is for a couple weeks or an academic year.

At TU, there is already such a diverse population of students, but in order to truly learn more about other countries and their cultures requires the desire to branch out and go out of one's comfort zone. In the 2016-2017 school year, only a little over 500 students from Towson University went abroad, most of them being undergraduate students. By learning from others' experiences and cultures, and not just from the digital world, we can get to know more about the world around us.

Being a stranger in a strange land can be difficult, stressful, and even frightening—especially for students. However, that doesn't take away the fact that the experinces we have while traveling shape and touch us and allow us to grow.

The first step is to talk to others from somewhere else, after that, all that is left to do is go from here to there—wherever it is you want to go.

To see a handful of the locations you can travel to through the Study Abroad Office, check out this map.