The Life and Times of Andrea Duran

Hi! My name is Andrea. I'm a Mass Communications major with a track in Journalism and a minor in International Studies at Towson University. I'm originally from Mexico City but I moved to Maryland when I was five. I'm fluent in Spanish as well as English and am trying to learn some Czech before I go to Prague to study abroad in the fall.

A selfie taken at home

Some of my favorite things include writing, reading, running, and running around trying to get my next interview. Actually, though I do love interviewing, the main thing I love is talking to others and learning about them. That's why I love stories.

Whether they're being told or I'm telling them, there's something universal and human in story telling. That's why I love movies, books, and trips to museums.

A few of my favorite books include:

I love listening to stories because they are able to take you to other places and that's also why I love traveling and meeting new people.

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